Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Flint Hills Wind

Flint Hills wind is no laughing matter...unless you are giddy from the unrelenting power of it.

Of the more ethereal elements that influence the atmosphere of the art in this area, most pronounced are the basics of smoke, wind, sun, grass, and waves---waves of plant life, of weather, of time.

Here are some samples of the amazing wind:

Vultures and Crow WindDancing in typically high Kansas Winds

Flint Hills: American Gold Finches in High Winds

These winds only increased for three days

These winds in the wheat are actually quite soothing

The winds are not as bad in towns, but you do get used to the nature of it--
move ahead to 2:15 in this video

Two pictures i think truly capture WINDINESS: 
The first, of the Lion, is a National Geographic Award winning photo, the second, i cannot find the credit for some reason. I keep looking. Chicago?


I have several dozen videos of wind,
but it never seems to quite capture the power of it. I do not wonder that the first pioneers might have gone a bit mad, as they were unable to escape its effects.

For local Windmills, click my post HERE

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