Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Contact and Purchase

Most of the original art shown here is available for purchase.

  •  Some are ready as large framed pieces; 
  • some have been printed as small card size items and 
  • others can be printed-to-size per request. 

Large Digital Files may also be purchased, for those who wish to use their own local printing and framing services.

Prices range from $10.00 for small prints to an average of $120.00-$400.00 for larger framed photographs.

is a 16" x 22" print on a creamy-soft heavy matte paper; 
with the frame it measures 21.5" x 27.5" and is available for $140.00/

Here is a view of Wrenhouse; this print is available on a wonderful thick canvas paper which looks beautiful in a barnwood frame. The larger copies of this print and the related images in the series range from $120.00 to $200.00.

This wren began to nest in a house which had lain dormant for several years.
I had been outside sitting still to film some emerging butterflies, when the wren began a flurry of activity and even was so kind as to have a mouthful of straw in the shape of a heart, above.


 Some have requested to purchase digital photographs with ownership rights for advertising purposes; this is also possible.

  • A gentleman in England wanted my cat jumping over an obstacle to promote a collar for active cats! Similar to this photo:

I may be contacted by email at mtodd@ksu.edu --you may leave a phone number and time if you would like me to give you a telephone call.

I am also happy to put interested buyers in contact with all the artists whose work is displayed here at Fine Art in the Flint Hills.

Mary Todd

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