Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Softest Rabbits in the Flint Hills

Soft, gentle, inquisitive, tender (hearted?) and quite simply, cute as can be.
It seems to me at times that rabbits, with their legendary prolific geometric expansion of numbers, are (in this temporary time of lions NOT lying down with the lamb) a sort of protein rich, organic foodstuff gift to every level of predators.

fine art in the flint hills
a young rabbit mary todd

First on the predator list are the feral cats, who are dependent on rabbits, birds, and mice for staying alive.

(Sidebar: and by the way, 
people do indeed "drop off" cats, kittens, pregnant animals, puppies, etc. 
here in the country...Sadness.
 People who do this are dead wrong 
if they think they are doing the animal a favor.
The animals abandoned in the country near a farmer's house do not just run over to the house.
They will suffer torturous thirst, starvation, and disease while they become covered with fleas, permanent ticks, and other irritating lice-y things. 
click HERE for the story of a cat, Stumpy Golden Eyes.

They are a target for coyotes and eagles. 
They are obviously scared 
and at the mercy of heat, cold, rain, storms, and high winds.

Those who do this abandoning of animals MUST BE either 
a. simply naive,  b. selfish,  c. lazy,  d. delusional,  or e. deliberately unkind.
It would be easier to drop off an animal at the shelter, where it will be cared for in a humane manner.
If the animal is fortunate, a farmer may be able--almost miraculously--
Stumpy Golden Eyes

to capture an abandoned dog or cat, they must then take a half day off work to drive into town and take it to the shelter themselves. 
That is stressful for the animal and the farmer. I was once bitten by a feral cat left INSIDE our porch, and the entire event cost me hundreds of dollars, a great deal of pain, and the animal may have been euthanized [due to the law, because it bit me] although i did not ask to be updated on the outcome...)
end sidebar...

Back to rabbits. Eagles and hawks, dogs and coyotes delight in them. While the possum has a hard thick skin, and the skunk has obvious drawbacks, and cats may fight with great ferociousness--the rabbit must seem a gift; soft, harmless, tender. I pray the rabbits are somehow spared ... something... and merely become that which has devoured them....
fine art in the flint hills
A May Rabbit mary todd

 fine art in the flint hills

 fine art in the flint hills
Rabbit finds a Home  mtodd

 Two rabbits--- Cottontail?!
fine art in the flint hills

 Smiling Rabbit mary Todd
fine art in the flint hills

 Rabbit Ears
fine art in the flint hills

I am struck by the way a rabbit's ears are constantly moving; (see video above) but while that may assist them in avoiding danger, it also seems that their ears are little red flags for the flying predators above...

fine art in the flint hills
Rabbit Ears en Rosette mtodd

 fine art in the flint hills
Magic Rabbit mary todd
White Rabbit mary todd

You must have stroked a rabbit

Softer than milkweed

Softening your heart

So soft that no bump registered
The truck drove smoothly on as if not even a pebble had been under
The wheel
That instantly 
Sent the life of that beautiful rabbit elsewhere

(I know there is no sin here
On this Friday after the Good Friday
As I drive into town
And these strange hot tears keep streaming down my face
I feel Buddha looking this way
maybe wondering 
If we still shed tears
If we ever shed tears
For the Bigger Life we took

RK illumination3 … mary todd

fine art in the flint hills

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