Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Monday, February 15, 2016

Possums on the Konza Prairie

Who can say possums are not cute? OK, perhaps they are cute for at least 10 or 20% of their life, when they are little and sweet. If you search online for cute possum or possum lol or baby possum, you will be charmed by the images there...
I do know that my pets seem to get along with the possums passing by.

Sweet Possum mktodd
fine art in the flint hills
 If you read up on possums,
 you will find they are a good thing to have in the yard. Here is an odd fact, good for pet owners: they attract (and then eat--ugh--) tics!
Possums are just everywhere here where the Flint Hills, the Konza Prairie, the River, and farmlands meet. They tend to wander and theoretically are nomads, although I have had several stay near my little farm for months.

I will share with you a personal story.

(Some seasons past, after finding a wounded possum outside, i wrote:)

My brain feels as blasted as The Possum’s, a sick little creature square in the middle of the driveway this morning. To my space-time present moment awareness, He was clearly in need of death--not wanting any suffering to atone for sins—but his damaged face and lack of mobility plunged my heart into sadness.

His picture is below; you can see the cuteness that attracts some to possums. The head coyly turned, the eyes making “contact”—but this one could only hiss and wobble. Perhaps hit by a truck earlier in the day.

Taking a gun in hand to end the pain of an animal is a choice.
When one lives rurally, a gun is used for protection, for food hunting, for games like skill shooting (similar to playing horse in basketball). My cats once De-Gloved a juvenile rabbit. This means they managed to pretty much skin it alive. I found it on my way to the truck, the wicked cats being now inside near the food bowls, curled up warm and toasty in soft baskets with a view to the prairie...I took what i had at the time, a knife, and prepared the rabbit, looked away, and slit its throat.
I remember wishing i had a little kit full of morphine and needles. I'm sure my neighboring farmer friends laugh at my tears. What a weenie.

  Life is not the same when one lives rurally. (e.g. A litter of kittens in the city may be irresponsible; in the country where there are no half-pipes or arcades or theatres or basketball courts, a litter of kittens is life and fun. and protection from rats.)

The shock of a thing dying is a strange experience. Life is here; then no more. It is not electricity, although that is no longer present.
 An entity has left the building.
Life is in your hands in a small animal; then there is nothing but a small ball of food for another creature.

Why then is it so hard? Why is there a carving into one's heart?
Why trouble seeing through the windshield on the drive into town?

In order to lose a few pounds before the holiday eating extravaganza, I am now on the possum diet.
That is, i think of the little ness, the unasked for end of life, the wounded little buddy, and my appetite leaves.
No, you sick twisted freak, what did you think i meant??

poor possum
click pic to enlarge

 Poor Possum

now in possum afterlife

Here is the hawk that startled away two vultures eating on the possum carcass:
the hawk interested in the possum

End Story...

So, perhaps you can tell 
that i have started to grow fond of the little creatures.

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