Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Konza Prairie Girl Color Pallette

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Palette on the Tallgrass Prairie

The combined forces of
  • unrelenting winds sweeping in from the Colorado Rockies, 
  • an open door to the polar air from the north, 
  • and generous helpings of snow, ice, sleet and rain---

combine to give a chilly blue, white and grey color palette to much of the prairie during winter months.

Snowy Flint Hills Winter mary todd

[However, in the next post,
 the additions of some creamy salmon shades and even several yellows 
can brighten the scene...]

Sunflowers in Blizzard by Mary Todd

click to view large

Watercolor Cows in Winter mary todd

Mouse Haven in Kansas Blizzard mary todd

Farm in the Flint Hills mtodd

The State Bird... Meadowlark in Icy Flint Hills Winter mktodd

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